"I love the clarity of EA gear and customer service is top-notch."
-Carl Edwards
"I have used EA gear for a while now, and it is the best amplification gear I have ever played."
-Adrian Juras
"I wanted to improve my sound so about a year ago I decided to find a really solid sounding smaller cabinet with even tone and presence throughout the spectrum. I tested a fair number of higher end cabinets from various manufacturers. After trying a couple of EA cabinets, I immediately bought an NL210. Utterly fantastic! It's not so much that I love the sound of this cabinet but that I love my sound through this cabinet!"
-Bruce Kirk
"Love your stuff. The sound is amazing, I get more, tighter bottom out of a pair of your vl-210s than I did out of a 1x18 + 4x10 stack. Yet still with super clean mids and highs. Your cabs make my bass sound more like a studio recording rather than a typical live setup. Never even looked at another cabinet since I got yours."
-Randy Streicher
"EA gear is like a wolf in sheep's clothing, small, light but loud, it is mind boggling, it blows away everything else. Euphonic Audio is to sound what Apple is to computers.

...the NL210III went on to be a big hit. had both the sound man, the light dude, bar personnel, and a few players from the crown coming up to me after the show to tell me that the 210 cab was the sweetest, best sounding cab they have heard in a long time..."
-Einar Aarnes
"Your new series III NL210 is the greatest improvement in upright bassdom since the spirocore string. Finally a cab that: Needs no EQ and sounds perfect, is loud and light, tweeter is balanced and integrated with no harsh clack, lets me concentrate on the music instead of the gear! John, you hit a grand slam with this cab. Between the NL210 and my Wizzy 10 I can handle ANY gig at any volume with sound quality beyond any other cab on the market."
-Peter Tillotson
"EA Amps are without a doubt the best amps I have ever played through. The iAmp Pro is punchy, clear and incredibly versatile so you can get the exact sound you're after. Perfect for the studio and packing more than enough power for any live situation, EA's Amps sound just as good as they look."
-Sam Skirrow
"As a young professional bassist it is amazing when a company with such a high reputation agrees to supporting you with such fantastic equipment! Becoming the worlds youngest endorser for this company is even more unbelievable.

I have been using the EA Doubler Head and Wizzy 1x10 Cab and could not be happier with not only the tone and huge sound production I get from such a small rig, but also the added bonus of being able to sling it over my shoulder and carry my double bass at the same time!"
-Dara Stewart
"With the Doubler I can FINALLY hear actual notes on my low E gut string for the FIRST TIME EVER instead of just a low muddy thump--and the slapping sounds great too!"
-Jason Musser
"Just wanted to send you some feedback on the 410 after a few days of playing around with it.  First of all, I have to say I've always been in awe of the products you guys have put out in the past, but you've really outdone yourselves with this 410.  I am completely blown away!  (physically and literally haha) I immediately A/Bd the 410 against my stack of 2 x VL-210Bs and the 410 was not only significantly louder, but was far quicker in response and even clearer and more articulate.  Not to mention nearly half the weight of ONE of my VL-210Bs!  Paired with either my IAmp Micro or my IAmp Pro, it makes for a super easily transportable rig with some of the best, most accurate, organic bass tone out there.  I couldn't ask for anything more....except another one! Haha....thanks again John, your evil genius has hit one out of the park once again!"
-Mitch Friedman
"I've been using the Micro for my electric/upright gigs for more than a year now, and I must say it's the most versatile little piece of gear I've ever had contact with. The sonic spectrum, tweakability, power rating and size make it a perfect companion for all my gigs, not just the small ones."
-Bartozzi Wojciechowski
"I'm back out on the road with Bobby McFerrin and the Doubler is working out beaufully. First of all, I'm very pleased with the tonal range of the amp. We're in different concert halls nightly and I'm able to find my sound very quickly. Our sound engineer, Dan Vicari, who also mixes the Academy Awards TV show, is very impressed with how quiet the unit runs."
-Jeff Carney


What are the advantages of transmission line speaker cabs?

Transmission Line speakers as designed by EA provides a more extended low frequency response than other cabinets the same size. Our Transmission Line cabinets' impedance curve draws more current from the amplifier in the low end than conventional vented enclosure so there is more output in the low end.


Why are the mids on Channel 1 and Channel 2 on the Micro and Doubler set differently?

Channel 1 mid is about 500Hz, channel 2 mid about 800 Hz. Channel 1 is optimized for Electric Bass while Channel 2 is optimized for upright. The suggestion to optimize Channel 2 came from Mike Arnopol, Bassist for Patricia Barber. Many of Mike's suggestions were incorporated into the Doubler.


Does the Micro have a High Pass Filter?

Both the Micro and Doubler have an internal HPF on Channel 2. Additionally, the Doubler has a variable HPF on Channel 2.


How do the trim pots on the Micro and Doubler work?

The Trim Pots on the Micro and Doubler work as the name implies. Turning them clockwise trims the signal. Turning them counterclockwise increases the signal. Turn them until you get the output or volume balance that you require.


What kind of foot switch do I need for the Micro and Doubler and what can they control?

You can control either the channel change function or the mute function or both. A single momentary footswitch will control the channel switching capabilities of the Micro or Doubler. To control both the channel switching and mute functions, you will need a dual, momentary foot switch that is wired with a stereo 1/4" jack. With a single instrument plugged in the IIS on my Doubler seems to work differently than on my old Micro 300. In order to use the EQ settings on either Channel 1 or Channel 2 on the Doubler with a single instrument plugged in, you must use Channel 2 as the default input.


If I should not use the bottom bail on my cab for a handle, then what should I use it for?

The bottom bail has 2 important functions. First it allows you to decouple from the floor. This is especially important if you are playing on a big, hollow, wooden stage. Secondly, the bottom bail allows you to point the cab more towards your ear for better, on stage monitoring.