The Whizzer Cone, or Wizzy

Posted on Jan 20, 2015 in Speaker Cabinets
The Whizzer Cone, or Wizzy

We here at EA are perfectionists. It is difficult to admit when we have goofed. But, well as much as I hate to admit it, we goofed big. We goofed big and glorious and wonderful. We goofed in a way that has brought us sonic pleasure and a really big grin.

EA is known for making amps and speaker cabinets that faithfully reproduce, without coloration, the great tone that “comes from your hands, your heart and your soul.” So when we say that our Wizzy 112 cabinet has some coloration to the sound you can see our dilemma.

The Wizzy 112 has a big, warm bass response that harkens back to those “old school” sounds while still having a clear midrange and a sweet high end. A flip-top for the new millennium! The Wizzy 112 (as part of the Wizzy Combo, Wizzy Powered Extension or Wizzy Extension) has a 12″ driver with an integrated whizzer cone mounted in EA’s Transmission Line cabinet.

The Wizzy’s 12″ loudspeaker is actually a dual-cone device. The 12″ driver and whizzer cone simultaneously produce both low and high frequency signals from a single voice coil, eliminating the need for a crossover. You might remember the old Jensen Car speakers, these also were of the whizzer cone design.